3/14 Powells Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100

T: (02) 9938 4949
E: sales@bigfootbags.com.au

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Our Customers

I would like to send a big thank you to Marc and everyone at Bigfoot for making my great harness.

Marc has been working with me developing this harness over the past year. The advantages of the Bigfoot harness is that Marc uses the lastest materialsfrom foam that moulds to your body to mesh that is sun resistant and extremely durable. To top that off the harness was developed so that it not only performs and pulls and holds you in the right places but  is comfortable, enabling you to move easily as it is not restricting, as well as making it possible to windsurf for hours and not have any painful sore spots.

So if you need a performance racing seat harness that will last, look no further than Bigfoot.

Happy windsurfing,
Jessica Crisp
4 x Olympian

Bigfoot - Gold Medal Gear

Hey Marc,
Thanks for the words and wishes.  Yes I used the Bigfoot traps all the season! Thanks for all your support over the years.
Malcolm Page

Gold Medallist
London 2012 Olympic Games